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5 Guides for Safeguarding a Home

Living in our beautiful Florida residences with the wonderfully flourishing scenery can often be misleading to the reality that surrounds us. With uninterrupted daily routines that lure us into negligence, we often take our peace for granted. However, within those daily routines, there are times when we open up ourselves to unnecessary risks. In order to reduce exposure to such dangers, Bello Estate Management has five guidelines to ensure additional security measures to any home.


Five Security Guides to safeguard a home:


1) Make sure no valuables are visible from big windows or the street.
Out of Sight, Out of mind. Our homes are a place of pride for us, and the many items we have collected over time (and sometimes over generations) are often that much more precious. While it is understandable to desire displaying such items to the world, on the other hand, it is much more prudent to remove such valuable treasures away from view of windows and doors. This limits how many random (and possibly untrustworthy) passersby can also view the valuables. Thus, only those we trust to invite into our homes will be able to view our cherished items.


2) Install lights at all entry ways, along pathways, and motion sensor lights
Lighten the Pathway. The grounds of an estate can be just as lovingly tended and presented as any other possession. However, these grounds can also be substantial, and subsequently, shrouded in darkness come nightfall. By installing some additional lights, we can also ensure some additional protection to our property, allowing ourselves some supplementary peace of mind. And, by using ergonomic lights that are motion sensitive, the presence of unexpected trespassers will be that much more announced. This will provide an early warning system to any unsavory activities, and would deter most such individuals from continuing such activities.


3) Place a sign outside of your home stating your home is monitored by a security system
“You Are Under Surveillance”. Seen often at ATMs and even gas stations, surveillance stickers are prevalent everywhere. These surveillance stickers, or signs, can be purchased for private use as well. By installing signs and stickers that announce a surveillance system is in place, we are using a preventive measure against any illicit activity within a property. Furthermore, such a tactic protects both the grounds and the buildings within our possession. It is also good to keep in mind that the more obvious the sign, more people will be able to read it, and thus, more trespassers will be kept away.


4) Even if it is a quick trip, lock all doors when leaving home
Better Safe than Sorry. Often times we take our immediate safety for granted and thus, we leave ourselves vulnerable. Even when running a short errand, it is in our best interest to always remember to lock up upon departure so that a crime of opportunity does not occur. Many crimes can be prevented with this method in mind, and we can develop it into a habit as natural as breathing. It is also important to secure easy access windows that could be entered through, as these could also provide an opening. By eliminating such typical breeches, we easily provide ourselves with increased protection.


5) Display your house numbers visibly so that they can be read by first responders
Display Your House’s Numbers. While we can often provide detailed directions to our own place of residence, is it also important to consider the times when we cannot. If ever there is an emergency event, it is best to already have the house’s street numbers clearly visible so that assistance is not delayed. This is an easy to complete measure that can be fixed by a quick trip to a nearby home improvement store. Once the new numbers are installed, there is no longer any need for concern on this matter.


These five guidelines allow for additional protection to our beloved Florida homes. By following these guidelines, we provide protection to our possessions, and allow less windows of opportunity for many casual crimes. The majority of the guidelines can be completed without ongoing effort, such as the address number, surveillance signs, and the outdoor lights. Once such efforts have been accomplished, our overall protection increases significantly. Given enough time, the other guidelines will become easy to keep up as well, and will also contribute to increased protection to both grounds, estate, and our own mental well-being.


Bello Estate Management is able to provide additional information and assistance on these guidelines and more. By providing services for many different needs, our estate management company has obtained a great deal of security experience. Please find out more at our website: Services provided include (but are not limited to): grounds management, home management, and vehicle servicing.

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