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The Perfect Renovations For Your Rental Property

If you wish to maintain your current residents and even attract new renters to your property: remodeling it and making it more attractive is what you need to do. But remodeling will not be the solution if it is not cost effective enough, that is why you need Bello Estate Management, a company that will handle all the property management matters for you.

With the growing demand for housing in Florida, our company ensures that we are managing your property with all the approved standards. With Bello Estate Management Company you not only get quality work but also save your wallet. Besides that, we will go ahead and find your potential renters. A property management company may cost additional money to hire, but it is worth it. An excellent property manager will give better returns than the original initial cost, and that is precisely what we do. Some of the perfect renovations of rental property that can we can handle for you include;

Kitchen remodeling

Bathroom remodeling

Freshening of paint

Creating curb appeal

Kitchen remodeling

In Kitchen remodeling, we will replace the kitchen cupboards with new cupboards that are more adorable and easy to clean. We will also change the kitchen countertops and replace them with terrazzo which is more attractive. Rather than being cost-efficient, terrazzo is also shiny and therefore gives a fancy look.

If the kitchen appliances are in excellent condition, there is no need to replace them. The appliance of paint can hide the dings. Replace the outdated and damaged appliances. The new advanced technological appliances are cost effective. For example, the purchase of a dishwasher will significantly save you water.

Introduction of new Paint can also ensure kitchen remodeling. Choosing a more saturated color such as coffee instead of white gives the kitchen a luxurious look. Florida is a significant tourist attraction center. Therefore making your property outstanding, attracts more tourists.

Minimalism is the new trend, and therefore your kitchen needs to be spacious. Our Kitchen remodeling will also fix other essential aspects such as ventilation and be tapping on natural light which is an energy saving approach.

Bathroom remodeling

While Bathroom often appears a daunting task to most people, our qualified designers will give your bathroom a luxurious and captivating look by replacing broken and old toilet seats and showers with Modern ones. We will ensure that the cabinets are in good condition and ensuring that the color scheme is well catered for.

Most renters pay attention to finer details such as the shower head. The use of a rain shower head during Bathroom remodeling can be more luxurious, and it is also cost-efficient. For the floors, traditional ceramic tile floors are highly recommended since they can handle water to avoid slippery floors. Most property owners overlook Bathroom remodeling, but these are the things that push away your potential clients unknowingly.

Create curb appeal

The outside of your property should be impressive. This attracts potential renters at first sight. Use of upgraded windows is one of the best ways of making a good impression to probable renters. Florida has numerous beaches, and therefore a captivating view is the main concern. The use of large panel windows gives a great view of the beach.

There should be proper landscaping as well. A well-manicured front yard is an added value to your property. You should keep in mind too that landscaping is not just the exterior vegetation but also includes lighting, fencing, and paths.

Giving the walls that fresh new look

It is one of the most co-effective remodeling projects. The use of neutral colors also makes the rooms more attractive. Freshening of paint gives the house a new fresh look. The use of proper blending colors gives your property a more decent, stylish look. These are some of the things to consider in kitchen remodeling as well as bathroom remodeling.

Improving the layout in renovations

Renters always go for houses that are spacious and with better lighting. Therefore the use of the open floor layout is more efficient. Open floor layout plan usually involves the combination of the kitchen, living and dining space into one big space. This allows proper ventilation and creates an illusion of larger space without actually adding the square footage.

Adding rooms or expanding them is a value to the property. For example, expanding the master bedroom creates an additional outstanding value to the property.

Fix the floors

Florida is a state filled with many people of the higher social class. Therefore your rental property should be designed in a way that it meets most users’ needs. The replacement of the floor with hardwood floor makes the house more elegant. Not only is the hardwood charming but also it is durable and easy to clean.

Also, Florida borders the Atlantic Ocean and therefore water becomes an issue. The engineered wood is waterproof and therefore is more recommended in moisture-prone areas. It can also be used in Bathroom remodeling since bathrooms are highly prone to much water.

If your flooring is of hardwood, consider refurbishing it rather than replacing it. This will enhance its shiny appearance and make it more durable.

Considering the universal design on the renovations.

Bello Estate Management will ensure that your property is remodeled in a way that it meets most user needs considering Florida constitutes mixed cultures and needs. The house, for example, should allow easy movement of people with disabilities. The property should, therefore, be remodeled in a way that it has either none or limited physical barriers for the disabled.

Other universal design renovations include installation of handrails on both sides of a stairwell. This enhances security especially to children who are prone to accidents.

The construction of wheelchair ramps within the property also ensures easy mobility of the physically challenged and the elderly.

When it comes to lighting the overhead lighting is mostly recommended since it is better for people with poor vision. Outdoor lighting is also an assurance of security to the tenants. Using of the advanced LED lighting on the outdoor gives the property a stylish look and is also cost-effective since LED lights consume less power and provide adequate lighting.

Bello Estate Management will also help in managing your property by enhancing some of the best management policies. We will help in managing rent collection, which is a major problem faced by rental property owners. This is by use of advanced online payment systems that will keep track of all tenants.

Rather than that, we will ensure regular property maintenance. Regular property maintenance is hectic, but thanks to our professional team which will ensure that all your property is in good condition.

We will also help in sourcing new tenants to your rental property. We have an advanced marketing strategy, and our company has a renowned reputation, therefore we guarantee you new tenants within a short period of time.

It is evident that rental property management is not an easy task that is why you need a property management company like Bello to take care of these daunting tasks. While it will require an extra cost, but it is totally worth it. Contact us right now and let us take care of your property while you spend your time on other tasks that you are good at.

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